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When I was in school I study some where Travelling is a part of education. I was very scared of subject history and always open it before exam only.As I started travelling in my choice I fill strong attraction in #historical #places other than exotic Himalayas.
I was really excited about Khajuraha.I heared lot on it's sculptures. There were lots of attractions in the temple town. I was very keen to visit it.
KHAJURAHA : "Tale of love and way to moksh "
It was a breathtaking visit to the great goup of temples of Khajuraha .When we imagine a temple in our imagination always come a crowded place with lots of pandits, devotee,shops offering many puja items, some beggars, long waiting queue for 2 second 'darshan', people with different prayer some time pulling each other to reach god earlier and many scenery .Khajuraho is not like the town of that imaginary temple .There is no such shops, atmosphere or crowd, it is different from other temple towns, like it's temples.
Standing proudly in the green lawn with a back drop of blue sky the temple really appealing a lot to me, the seven main temples of Khajuraho constitute the western group and they are a part of the UNESCO world heritage list. It is more than a thousand years old (starting 900 AD ), the temples lie scattered in large area, some at a foot distance from the gate, others at the far end.
Temples are built on high rectangular block of stone , with multiple steeple, which are think to be inspired by the peaks of the Himalayas.
The temples which are little bit more large , like the Lakshmana, and Kandariya Mahadeva, are surrounded by smaller temples.Few of temples stand all alone.Many structure statue of human animals god goddess and most interesting and popular are erotic sculptures can be spotted .

When it comes to spotting the erotic structures on the walls of temples I noticed different types of expression on different tourists. Some really blushing seems they are witnessing some real drama infront of their eyes. Some people just avoid the sculptures as if they are doing some crime! Some pushing each other with a mysterious smile.Some even disappointed (Really don't know what they want).We spot some guides who even described the postures with acts!! and really they are great actors I must say.Among the visitors very few come to be a part of the history.
Although erotic forms of sculptures are less than other sculptures of Khajuraho’s rich sculpture heritage, but it is the most popular aspect of the temples.Even the guides promises to show you the incredible ones, and shops around the complex sell ‘kamasutra’ as books, cards,posters,cups,pillow cover,pen stands and even pens. All of them wants to cash the sexual element of the temples.
Most temples in Khajuraho are no longer used for prayers,except one .
At night they organised light and sound show with the magical voice of SriAmitav Bachan.
Story says that a beautiful woman called Hemavathi was bathing in night in a lotus pond under moonlight,she was seduced by God moon . They enjoyed their company but after that she ran into the forests and brought up her son, Chandravarman alone .The moon promised that their son one day have a kingdom. Chandravarman grew up and establish the Chandela Kingdom. He was influenced by his mother’s story and built temples with sculptures of human passions.
However many different stories are there .One of them tells about leaving one's 'kam ' and desires behind before entering the temple and so there is probably there are no sculptures of sex figures inside the temples . The couples or group making love present only outside.
However our guide,popularly called as Mamaji told that the Chausath Yogini temple, a Tantric temple dedicated to 64 goddesses is the oldest temple in Khajuraho. A magical air with whispering mystery spins around it, and surprisingly all the shrines are empty. 64 yoginis control every essence of life, balanced body soul and mind games. According to many tantric beliefs, one of them even compared the Mithunas making love as representative. , representing the union of Shiva and Shakthi.The theory amazingly put into sculptures and extends to the architecture.
The Western Group has the maximum number of temples
Jainism and Hinduism temple are there, which is more than just the sexual madness portrayed .The temples are divided in three main groups – Western , Eastern and Southern.The erotic sculptures are seen in the Western Group of temples mainly. The Kandariya Mahadev and Vishwanath temples have the most display Khajuraho’s famous erotic sculptures.Featuring men, women and even animals!!
There were at least 85 temples apparently built by the Chandelas.
There are 5 main categories of sculptures among which apsaras,musicians, erotic ones,animals are really good to see. It was a worth visiting there. We really stunned to see how in that era people with less instruments facilities transport communication do that skilled effects on stones. Really India has many such great historic architectures monuments and we fill proud to be a part of the great nation.
Another temple there is
Parshuram among other many temples around town . The temples are not a part of the world heritage list so less people visit there.Temples are surprisingly in well condition and clean clear . Some are used by the locals for prayer . People of Khajuraho well awar of their heritage and kept it well.
With the romantic red sun setting behind the golden temples make the atmosphere magical with it's dawn light .The gentle breeze always tell the stories, evenings in Khajuraho are magical and it us a colour blust. We explore the smaller temples at evening , the Southern and Eastern group, the villages around them is also a worthy .Took Auto rickshaws tuk-tuks it cost between Rs500-600 .
The archeological museum, located next to the Western group of temples, displays rare archeological finds at Khajuraho
The State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art, is also a nice visit. the museum showcases an expansive collection of Dokra, folk paintings, terracotta, masks etc. Open from 12pm until 8pm, no entry ticket and open every day except Mondays and public holidays.
Must take a guide:
The guides licensed by MP tourism cost Rs750 for half a day, licensed by India Tourism; Rs1375 for half a day
Where to stay
MPTDC hotels Payal, Jhankar andTourist Village
2000 on wards
For M.P.Tourism hotel and car booking
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How to get there
By air:
Khajuraho Airport is connected to several major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Bhopal etc.
From #Kolkata you have to take one or two stop plane costing 8000 aprox and taking 18 to 24 hrs.
Khajuraho by train,
There is no direct train.One have to go to Mahoba station
Train available
12175 Howrah - Gwalior Chambal Express
(Sunday Tuesday Wednesday ) HWH Dep:17:45 to MBA Arr: 12:03 +1 night
12177 Howrah - Mathura Chambal Express( Friday only)
HWH Dep: 17:45 to MBA Arr: 12:03 +1 night
From there took a car(72km) or connecting train .19666 Udaipur City - Khajuraho Express
MBA Dep: 18:05 to KURJ Arr: 19:50 .regularly run
Better to take a car 2 hours to reach there.(2000 rs)
Train Fare :sleeper@ 505 ;A.C 3 tire@ 1340.
On Return journey:
54161/Khajuraho - Kanpur Central Passenger (UnReserved)
Departure @ 04:05
CNB/Kanpur Central
Arrival @ 10:40
Then from Kanpur
You can return by
12312/Kalka mail
#CNB/Kanpur Central
Departure @ 14:25 +55
#HWH/Howrah Junction
Arrival @ 08:05 +3:16 +1 night

Khajuraho is well connected to road so you can add in your trip #Jabalpur which is 280 km away.

Where to eat
Khajuraho has dining options like Raja Café 1000 for 2 and Maharaja Restaurant(500/head).And also all mejor hotels are with restaurants.

The best place to shop here is the MP State Emporium, Mrignayani, where you can be assured with quality.
The Khajuraho Temple entry ticket :
for foreigners : priced at 600
for Indian citizens is Rs 40 each. The children below 15 years can visit the temples free ofcharge.
The light and sound show:
Western Group of Temples
All days of the week
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (English Show)
7:40 PM - 8:35 PM (Hindi Show)
200 per person Indians 500 per person Foreign Nationals100 per person Indian Children 250 per person Foreign Children
The Sound and Light Show is organised everyday for 50 minutes by tourism department.
This show gives an insight into the rich history and construction of these temples. The life of the great Chandela kings and the story of the grandeur of these beautiful temples are narrated in the voice of #Amitabh #Bachan ji.Resonating with music, and Mr. #Bachchan’s powerful voice, glowing in dancing lights, the experience of sitting among stars and the ruins and most importantly the naughty moon is with your looking your expression towards his passionate love story.


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